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Ben Sherman

In 1963 Arthur Benjamin Sugarman had the idea to realize his passion for fabric, pattern and color and designed, inspired by the classic Ivy League shirt, now iconic for Ben Sherman, with button-down, bow loop and a button at the back of the collar. Exactly at this time the first British youth culture emerged; the teddyboys of the post-war period. This movement showed that clothing can be an important characteristic for representing views and could signal the belonging of a culture or movement. The traditional British label, which has existed for five decades now and stands for the best quality, was supported by almost every youth culture, from the "mods" to 2-tone and ska, right up to Brit Pop. These British youth cultures embraced the revolutionary Ben Sherman shirt and loved it for its quality, style, colour and unique design. And we still see it that way; the unique clothes of the traditional British label belong in a well-assorted wardrobe for us! Read more about Ben Sherman in the Journal.

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